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Live Midi Keyboard 1.03

Duo-timbral management interface for Midi keyboards
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Connects the Midi keyboard to the computer through two ports (In and Out) and modifies the sound of the keyboard (acoustic grand piano, celesta, ocarina, etc.) as well as parameters like reverb, volume or velocity.

Live Midi Keyboard, as the name suggests, is a very simple duo-timbral Midi Keyboard/Router that works very well with Microsoft Windows. It uses two ports, Midi In and Midi Out , which can be used to route your keyboard
to 2 separate sounds of your Multitimbral Output. The interface is pretty simple and can be used using point and click operations of your mouse. It can also be controlled very easily using the keyboard. It has a number of output settings that you can modify. Settings such as Volume, Balance, Reverb and Chorus levels, Modulation etc. are there. There is also a Pitchbend Filter, Octaver with 1 octave up and 1 octave down adding included in this version. And last but not the least, a Keyboard split function, Key Transpose, System wide Midi Routing, Midi in velocity VU meter, and 8 user presets. This version is fully compatible with almost all the versions of Microsoft Windows except Windows Vista. I will recommend this nice little application to all music creators out there.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Very very simple to use
  • Free


  • Vista is not Supported
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